Pictures of me,me, and me


I added a new page which features a gallery of just silly me. Remember they belong to me, taking them and using them is strictly prohibited unless I give you permission.


Short Story-should I make a script out of it? (un-edited raw version-fresh from the press)


There lived a faery Princess named Erica. Once upon a time she lived in the middle of the earth. The earth has heard tales been told about where she lived. In fact there is a tale of an admiral from world war II that led a quest from either the top or the bottom of the earth that would lead him to where Erica was from. The admiral led a group of non-fae into the world the most sacred part of the fae world, Agartha. Agarthians were the only race left from ancient civilizations that survived. Erica was heir to rule a kingdom that only fae who were kabalistic naturally could exist in, better known as Zion. However Admiral Bird’s purpose to enter earth was to destroy it and it was Zion. The biggest problem with a human being in Agartha is we are not governed by time. The humans led time back to a time where Agartha once lived by E=MC SQUARED and that was back when the sun shined, to an exact point in time where the Agarthians had the choice not to share their technology. This was a point in time where Agarthians , Atlanteans, and every other race lived in peace and harmony. However what proceeded the moment that Agarthians gave their technology away, Atlanteans used the technology in not the most highest manner and the repercussions were devestating and removed the Atlanteans from this universe placing them in the mirror universe which physics is currently proving today exists. They live where light does not travel which is still a universal conundrum to Agarthians or they would of travelled there to bring the Altanteans backs. When time was introduced to Agarthians again, time moved backwards. Which had an opposite effect to things such as time travel which caused a war once Princess Erica was known to be the Heir to the fae kingdom. Unfortunately at one point of time in the center of the earth where Erica was lying on her bed where she would love to dream of what world would be like to be human and live where the sun shines, she was murdered because the 2nd heir to the throne to the fae kindgom could be any fae who revered mother earth as much as Erica did. When this was written in stone, in fact whenever anything is written in stone, it becomes rule but not finding the stone to write rule on is easier said than done. There are rules to writing in stone like using your own blood as ink, a feather from Archangel Gabriel as a quill, the rest is on a need to know basis. Princess Erica was murdered by someone who wanted to rule the fae world. The moment she was murdered is when time collapsed where time didn’t used to exist so she never could of been killed. However what was the result was the convergence of two different time lines at some point of time which resulted in a time on the earth where Erica was sent to in order to save herself from being murdered. Erica found herself in a place in time where the earth was on a brink of a whole new world. The problem with being in this whole new world was she wasn’t used to living where where Einstein was the last greatest physicist. Her father told her once upon a time she remembers in a dream, you will fall in love one day my little girl and he will be a great physicist of the old world and will usher you into the world that will dawn upon you. She was afraid of this new world and she had every reason to be. When she found herself in a fairy tale, she was waiting for a happy beginning rather than “The End!”