About Erika

We are all mad here, including you!

Meet Erika. She currently residing in Wonderland. While you are here, enjoy the anxiolytic tea and have a soiree of a time at the tea party. To leave Wonderland, simply find the white rabbit and ask him to lead you down a hole to return back to the world you live in. Erika once upon a time live in that world where everything made sense until her world was turned upside down where nothing made sense anymore until she followed a white rabbit one day that led her to Wonderland. She found solace in a world where should she could make sense of what never made sense to her before. In Wonderland, she studies flowers that have magical healing powers and learned to make medicine out of them. She overthrew the throne of the Queen of Hearts for the now the King of Hearts. It is that Erika doesn’t want to leave Wonderland, she is just waiting until she finds the perfect hole to go down which puts the world back right-side up.

Out of Wonderland, she goes by the name Erika Robles Jones. She wears many hats and juggles a lot in life and through art, balances her life. She is a corporate business executive in her own cannabis empire, a proud mother, an aspiring philanthropist, a medical science researcher focusing on the endocannabinoid system, an honorary PhD candidate for her research, a Homeopath, abuse survivor, official misfit, certified dreamer, cheese connoisseur, hopeless romantic, lover of all things pink and anything that sparkles, fashion wore, sarcastic at the worst of times,equine enthusiast and football fan.